For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

I recently read an article about a FSBO company which charges for minor advertising for someone who’s wanting to sell their home without an agent. They “hook” the seller by saying they’ll list the home on the Multiple Listing Service ({MLS} what professional realtors use to advertise your home to other agents and the public) for FREE, and then hope they’ll ask for more services when they see their home isn’t selling.

Here’s what you might get for free:

·       Choose the commission rate you want to pay the buyer’s broker,

·       Broker Q&A by Email,

·       One Photo included.

That’s it.  If that’s all you want, then great! This is the way you should go. However, if you want more, you’ll have to pay PER ITEM. For example, over $100 for extra photos, any changes to your listing, and an early cancellation fee. No edits included. They also have other plans, but they’ll cost you extra.


·       You don’t have to deal with a seller’s agent

·       You don’t have to pay a seller’s agent fee

·       You pick the fee you want to pay the buyer’s broker

·       Listed in MLS for free


·       No targeted, serious marketing included

·       No professional photography

·       No staging services

·       No open houses

·       No one screening calls

·       No one screening showings

·       No accountability

·       No agent looking out for your best interests

·       No professional that knows the market specifically in your neighborhood to help with ideal pricing and negotiations

·       No agent knowing your motivation to sell to help you do so in a timely fashion

·       Clients who are loyal to their agent might not want to see your home if you lesson their agent’s average fee, thereby lessening the number of people seeing your home

·       Clients who see a FSBO will often offer much less than asking knowing you are saving on fees.

An agent who cares about her/his clients will go above and beyond for their client to earn their money. Can you list your home on your own? Sure! Will you save money? That depends. You might be spending money or even losing money in the long run if you aren’t getting the exposure, service or assistance needed. You may also be putting yourself and your belongings at risk. Interview agents to see which ones have your best interests at heart. I’d love to interview for the job! Please text, call or email me for more information.