What You Get With Me

Hello, my name is Lisa Waddill and I’m a people pleaser. Yes, I admit it. This is what you get with me. I feel good when I know someone else feels good because of something I’ve said or done. I truly get a “high” by knowing someone benefitted from me in some way—knowledge, expertise, experience, skill or even friendship. I feel good when I help someone.

The last 60 days have been a whirlwind, and the next 30 will be the same. My family and I have sold a 4300 square foot home and moved into an 1100 square foot apartment while we look for a home; found a home (1300 sqft) and now in the process of buying it (should close the middle of this month!); looking for companies to refurbish the home (needs a lot of work!); helping my son and daughter prepare for upcoming college, taking my daughter and all of her stuff to Georgia to get ready for her next three years of law school; and about to take my son and all of his stuff to California as he is about to begin pre-med. However, thanks to technology, it has never been easier to work remotely.

Know that near or far I am here for you.  I will stay up late, get up early, and work from wherever I may be (MANY thanks to the geniuses who developed the internet, email, laptops and smartphones, and to eXp Realty for allowing me to handle all paperwork and signing digitally). I LOVE that I can still help my clients in real time achieve their home dreams even when I can’t be there in person!

For example, while in town I showed homes to one of the sweetest clients I have ever had (although she is NOT someone to be messed with!), and she decided to put in an offer on a home we saw just as I was heading out of the state to help my daughter move to Atlanta. I was able to contact the agent, title company, and mortgage specialist, send the offer, seller’s disclosure and third party financing addendum for signatures, send these to the other agent as well as the title company and mortgage specialist; go over everything with my client; and offer helpful information that allowed her to make the best possible decisions for her. It’s been so much fun hearing the excitement in her voice, knowing that I am playing a part in helping her move forward, and not a hindrance because of not actually being in town.

When you work with me, you also get my whole company. We all work as a team at eXp, so you’ll never have wait until I get back, although on occasion you might have to wait a couple of hours until I get internet connection. You will never get a, “I am away from the office until such-n-such date. If you need to reach someone, please call___,” or, “If you are calling after 5pm, Please leave a message and I will return your call in the morning.”

My goal is to be the best thing to happen to you!  I strive to give you the personal touch, to go above and beyond for each client, whatever that may look like--and still be legal, of course.

If you know of someone that could benefit from my assistance, please know I will give them the best expertise, knowledge, care and attention possible. My clients are like family to me; each of you hold a special place.

Until next time,