Hesitant Buyers Uninformed

I recently came across a few articles that discussed renters being misinformed or unsure of what is needed to buy a home and, therefore, continue renting.

When renters try to find a home on their own, it’s like trying to drive a boat on the water for the first time: You might be able to turn on the boat and steer, but there’s so much more you’re missing that could be crucial to your success at staying safe and returning unscathed!

Did you know that there are down payment assistance programs out there to help save you money up front? No longer do you need 20 percent. USDA loans have higher requirements but require ZERO down payment!

First, and I’m not being biased, please contact a real estate professional. There are agents out there who look out for themselves. You’ll know when they pressure you to pick after seeing three homes. Look for a realtor who will put YOUR needs first. A real estate professional knows the ins and outs you’ll need to successively navigate the homebuying process such as finding a mortgage specialist, what to look for when you’re touring a home and more importantly, what to overlook; how to write up the contract offer so it’s in your best interest; how to negotiate an offer; and much more.

Next, contact a mortgage specialist. Interview them to see which one you think would best “click” with you, and make you a priority. Oftentimes a local lender will be more accessible and involved to make sure you meet your closing date.

Give me a call and let me guide you!